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Copy of POS workshop 29th March 2021
The interactive event on current concepts of Palliative care Outcome Scale (POS) measures and their use in advancing clinical care and research.
The POS Workshop 2021 Finalised Programme is now available. Join us to hear about the most recent advances and applications of the current POS Measures and question and answer sessions, where you will have the opportunity to share issues relevant to your organisation as well as learn from others.
The half day 'Current Concepts and New Directions in Measurement' workshop will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams on 29th March from 9am-1pm, hosted by King's College London and the Cicely Saunders Institute. The aim of the workshops is to introduce and support the use of the POS family of measures in clinical, research and care settings.
The event will cover the background, challenges and opportunities of patient centred measurement in clinical practice and research. There will be 4 sessions on the current concepts and new direction for implementation of the Palliative Care Outcome Scale, each including several speeches from experts in the field.
Session 1 - Measurement during, peri & post COVID-19 times
  • Symptom management and treatment efficacy of COVID-19 patients seen by palliative care services: The CovPall Study
  • Outcomes Action Collaborative activities and trainings measurement during COVID-19 times
  • PROMs in COVID-19 Research/Studies – Findings from a rapid review of literature
  • Reflections on use of PROMs with COVID-19 patients both known or new to palliative care
Session 2 - Current Concepts in Measurement
  • EMBED study and IPOS Dem
  • Utilising item scores - Determining the prevalence of palliative needs and exploring screening accuracy of depression and anxiety items of the integrated palliative care outcome scale–a multi-centre study
  • Development of KHP COPD Score cared on quality improvement
  • C-POS
Session 3 - New Directions in Measurement
  • ePOS
  • Paving the way for digital therapeutics in measurement based palliative care with machine learning using the IPOS
  • IPOS-E
Session 4 - POS Family of Measures in Clinical Settings
  • Consulting the clinicians and service users: Taking POS family of measure - Reformatting of POS measures
  • Reflections and group discussions
Please note that accreditation by the by Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is pending.
Please book early to avoid disappointment.
More about POS measures
POS measures assesses physical symptoms, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, and needs for information and support. Culturally adapted and translated versions of POS measures are also available in more than twelve languages (see for more information). There are disease specific, generic and integrated versions available for use such as Integrated POS (IPOS), for Dementia (IPOS-Dem), Myeloma-specific version of the POS (MyPOS), specific version for renal patients (IPOS-Renal). You can find more information from the menu above.
Are these workshops for you?
These workshops and informative sessions are aimed at all professionals in palliative and end-of-life care such as clinicians, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, allied health professionals, oncologists, GPs, physicians, social workers, researchers, managers, commissioners and educators. The sessions are highly relevant for professionals working in a wide range of settings (hospice, primary and secondary care, care homes, community care, specialist palliative care, social care).
If you are already using or planning to use or implement POS or similar outcome measures these sessions will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills.
There will be opportunities to share issues relevant to your organisation as well as learning from the other attendees' experience and challenges.
Registration information and fees (2021):
Please register on to receive updates about other upcoming events and publications.
Registration for this year's POS Workshop is now open. We thank you for your interest. There are limited spaces available. Please register for the POS Workshop 2021 here.
The POS Workshop 2021 Finalised Programme is now available. The workshop will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.
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