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Integrated POS (IPOS) for Dementia
IPOS-Dem is a proxy-completed measure for people with dementia living in care homes. It is derived from IPOS, and developed for use by unqualified care staff working in care home settings. IPOS-Dem is designed to support systematic assessment of care home residents with dementia and incorporates common symptoms and problems experienced by this population. It is accompanied by an instruction manual on its use to support routine assessment of residents with dementia.
Be aware that validation studies for IPOS continue and it may evolve. If you do decide to use IPOS, because it is relatively new, we would like to work with you as it is developed.
Please notify us of your use of IPOS .
The POS family of measures are copyright and free to use. We ask you to register to download files or see links on this page. Once you have registered you will be able to download the materials and we can contact you with any updates or further information.
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