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Terms of use of POS and the web site
POS and the related system of questionnaires, including STAS and the POS family of measures, are copyright. License for use of any version of POS is granted free of charge. However you may not charge for use of POS. If you provide POS to others you must ensure that they register and adhere to these conditions.
POS and the related system of questionnaires can be used in clinical practice, clinical audit and research. We provide POS free of charge because we want it to be used to help support clinical care, audit, research and education to improve the care and support for patients and those close to them.
POS users and investigators are required to notify us of any related reports or publications as they become available. Since scale construction and validation are developmental processes, we also appreciate a willingness on the part of clinicians and investigator(s) to share relevant components of results to further reliability and validity testing (where applicable and appropriate).
You may not change the wording or phrasing of any POS item without previous permission. You may, however, add items - e.g. additional symptoms to POS-S, or items of particular interest to POS. This may be useful for your circumstances. Please notify us if you do this and follow the same format of POS questions. These addition items cannot be considered to be part of POS, until they have been subject to appropriate testing, but can be used alongside POS.
All reproductions of the POS family of measures questionnaires should contain the statement: "Reproduced with the permission of Irene Higginson, Cicely Saunders Institute and King's College London as the Intellectual Property owners of the [insert POS version title]".
In all publications, presentations and when the POS is used, relevant POS papers should be referenced, and permission for use of POS should be acknowledged.

Use of your information

We will use your information to provide you with the information, services or products that you have requested, any updates on POS and related questionnaires, and to undertake anonymous analysis of POS users and their needs. If you have requested this, we may also send you information on related activities.
We require you to register to access some parts of the site and to download POS documents. This helps us to understand POS use, to provide better support for those using POS and assists in research and improving care. As a legitimate interest, we record which documents you download. Where you provide optional information, we use that for general research into POS and Palliative Care. Where you provide extra contact details we may also use those to contact you – generally only if email has failed.
All of your data is stored and processed within the European Union and the UK. We never share personal information with third parties. We do not use cookies to track your activities and we neither attempt to correlate your activities on other sites nor give information that would permit others to do so.
When you register you agree to receive emails about POS and may also opt for additional information. You may change this at any time via your profile page on the web site or by emailing . If you wish to retain your account but no longer wish to receive any emails you should email . Provided you have not downloaded any documents you can also request that all information we hold on you be deleted.
You can read our detailed POS privacy statement here.

Cookie use

This site uses two cookies to track registered users. "MoodleSession" is used to record your status as logged in and expires when you close your browser. "MOODLEID_" is used to remind you of your username on future visits and has a lifetime of six months.


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