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Use of POS
POS is copyright. License for use of any version of POS is granted free of charge. However you may not charge for use of POS. If you provide POS to others you must ensure that they register and adhere to these conditions.
POS and the related system of questionnaires can be used in clinical practice, clinical audit and research.
POS users and investigators are required to notify us of any related reports or publications as they become available. Since scale construction and validation are developmental processes, we also appreciate a willingness on the part of clinicians and investigator(s) to share relevant components of results to further reliability and validity testing (where applicable and appropriate).
You may not change the wording or phrasing of any POS item without previous permission. You may, however, add items - e.g. additional symptoms to POS-S, or items of particular interest to POS. This may be useful for your circumstances. Please notify us if you do this and follow the same format of POS questions. These addition items cannot be considered to be part of POS, until they have been subject to appropriate testing, but can be used along side POS.
You should acknowledge the POS and Prof. Irene Higginson in any publications, reports or oral presentations that use the POS.
See also terms and conditions for use of the web site.
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