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The MyPOS - a myeloma-specific version of the Palliative care Outcome Scale - has been developed and undergone preliminary validation. The questionnaire measures myeloma-specific quality of life issues and is intended for use in clinical care. The questionnaire development was funded by Myeloma UK and St Christopher's Hospice. Myeloma UK wanted a more specific measure that reflects upon what is particularly important to quality of life for people affected by myeloma.
The questionnaire was developed on the basis of an extensive systematic literature review, semi-structured qualitative interviews and focus groups. The preliminary version was tested via cognitive interviews and then further validated in a large national sample of 380 people with myeloma of different disease stages. Preliminary validation showed that the MyPOS reflects quality of life, is reliable and valid, and is able to distinguish between subgroups of people, i.e. those on and off treatment and those with high or low performance status.

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