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C-POS:UK is being developed especially for children and young people with a variety of life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. The short tool measures symptoms and concerns of these children and young people and those of their families, and is intended for use in clinical care, and will also be useful for research studies.
The development of C-POS:UK began following systematic literature review that identified there was no ideal measure for use with this varied population. A robust development process is being followed including qualitative interview study, systematic review on how to best involve children and young people, survey to prioritise topics to include, and an expert meeting to develop measure items. The preliminary version was tested and refined via cognitive interviews. It is currently being validated in a large national study and will not be available for use until this robust work has concluded.
C-POS:UK is funded by the European Research Council (grant ID 772635), and further supported by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration South London.
For more information see this PDF.
This work is being led by Professor Richard Harding and you can find out more about the project team here:
The C-POS:UK team are committed to a global community of C-POS users.
If you would like to be notified when the C-POS:UK is available for download, please complete the POS registration form and tick the C-POS:UK section, like this:
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If you are already registered, you can update your profile here. (Click on "The C-POS:UK (Children's POS:UK) is not yet available" to expand that section.) If you have any problems updating your profile please email .
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